Drum Corp Program

Developed by Col Hatchman: World Renowned Drummer

The Drum Corp is a creative musical education company who develop programs that spark the imagination, and entertain with spectacular performances.

We create exciting educational environments that nurture the growth of musical skills within girls, boys, men & women.

Group Drum Lessons

Our “School Drum Corp Programs” have successfully taught 1000's of drum players across the Hunter Valley in the past 10 years, have bridged children into the creative world of music and have inspired countless careers in the entertainment industry. Our full year primary school programs have been created specifically for children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Our "Team Building Corporate Programs" have likewise engaged, entertained and strengthened many corporate retreats. Col Hatchman's collective experience in recording studios, touring bands, major shows & festivals, as well as television & radio, inspired this one of a kind musical company based around fun, energy, health & entertainment.

Drumming Tutor

About Col Hatchman

From international touring drummer to cutting edge musical program entrepreneur. A natural innovator, his eye for efficiency has reconstructed the drummers performance platform, designed and patented both furniture and apparel, and has brought together the worlds of high energy, high impact entertainment with music education.

Colin Hatchman

An astonishing performer, he has carved his name into the Guinness World Records, and relentlessly delivered back to back tours trading sleep time for creative expression in recording studios.

An enthusiastic educator, he has reinvented how to teach music and built programs that provide a backstage pass behind the scenes to the inspiring world of musical entertainment.

Genetically endowed with education, artistry & music in his DNA, his programs are building music culture back into our schools. He inspires, connects and injects fun into the lives of children every day in a healthy, exciting way.