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If your child/children are absent from a lesson due to incidental illness, a sporting commitment, or school excursion,etc… our Drum Corp program payment schedule STILL applies. A “make-up” lesson (subject to availability) is always on offer for your child/children to attend in the following weeks of the term.

Make-up classes are available for all students and can be arranged with our office via email. Make-up classes are only available within the first three terms of the year. The make-up class is in the form of a double lesson on our regular drum lesson day (total time 60 minutes).It is the familys responsibility for your request to be communicated within 48 hours of absenteeism, to our administrative staff by writing an email requesting the catch-up lesson. Both the Program Instructor and the school administration will work together to arrange an appropriate time for a double lesson once communication from the parents has been received.

These class’s are to be arranged and attended within the same term as the absence. *Maximum of 2 make-up classes per term *Make-up Lessons are not available in Term 4 of any year

..there will be other school programs (eg. swim school, Athletics Carnival, etc) that interfere with our regular drum lesson schedule. In this case the school administration and the Drum Corp will reschedule the class to a time that is suitable for everyone.

In the case where a student refuses to attend our scheduled lesson, due to a headache, bad mood, sick, injury, etc the weekly fee still applies, that is unless communication has been received from parents before the lesson. All children must attend the class that the parents are paying for.

Warnings are always given, but any excessively disruptive students will be sent back to class. In this case Weekly fees still apply. This approach is necessary to be fair for the other children in the class.

If a child happens to have a minor injury, we recommend they still attend the class and all provision to make the child more comfortable will be taken. As new tricks, rhythms and patterns are taught every week, it is better for the student to “sit in” on the lesson, so they can stay at the same learning level of the Drum Corp.

If a student wishes to discontinue the Drum Corp, we respectfully ask for a note/email from the parent/caregiver that indicates the termination of participation in the Drum Corp. Weekly fees still apply until the end of the term, there are no refunds.

By Term 4, Students are growing excited for our end of year showcase performance, the structure of our Show has already taken shape and stage plans are close to being finalized. Please consider that discontinuing at this late stage not only disrupts the Drum Corp as a whole, it may also effect your child’s confidence.

All invoices will be sent via email at the beginning of each term. Term payment is required by the first lesson of each term. Students with outstanding payments will be held back from lessons if contact has not been made with our office to make alternative arrangements.

If you are unable to pay by the due date on the invoice, we are more than happy to make an arrangement with you. Be sure to contact us by the invoice due date so your child is not held back from lessons.

A credit or refund may be applied for in writing/via email if the reason for missing classes is from illness/injury which extends 3 or more weeks. Any such claim must be accompanied with a medical certificate.

The debtor/s shall pay for all costs actually incurred by Drum Corp Pty Ltd in the recovery of any monies owed in regards to our programs including recovery agent costs, location search costs, process server costs and solicitor costs on a solicitor/client basis.

is included in the Term 4 Payment.

For example: 9 x lesson fees($90+GST) + 1 school performance fee ($10+GST) makes up the Term 4 Payment Total of $110.

Drum Corp Pty Ltd will communicate with you primarily by email. Drum Corp Pty will not provide your details to any other company, entity or organization and all information will be kept by Drum Corp Pty Ltd in accordance with The Privacy Act.

At the end of the year you are invited to watch your child’s performance. If you attend and film the performance on any camera or device, you also confirm that any recording made by you or your family will not be for commercial use or uploaded onto the web/internet or any of the social media platforms.

Students are sometimes invited to participate (not mandatory) in extra performances that fall outside of our regular Yearly Drumming Program. Participation in these events is not mandatory but is an extra opportunity. Sometimes these performances will incur additional charges including but not limited to, extra rehearsal charges, performance fees, costume stage wear, photograph purchase. You will be informed of all extra costs up front when your invitation is sent.

All employees of Drum Corp Pty Ltd have a “Working With Children Certificate as required by relevant legislation.