The Drum Corp is an innovative program that engages students of all ages, develops their confidence and provides them with an opportunity to shine.

– Steven (Principal)

The Drum Corp group is incredibly popular with our students and families. The performances are always highly professional and spectacular!

– Peter (Principal)

The Drum Corp program is one of the best programs we have introduced at our school. It strongly supports our music program, allowing our students to expand their horizons.

– Darryl (Principal)

The enthusiasm and thorough enjoyment expressed by all students is priceless. I thoroughly recommend this program to anyone who wants their child to learn music with a fun, enthusiastic and energetic approach.

– Penny (Principal)

We couldn’t be happier with the Drum Corp! Our students have thoroughly enjoyed it, looking forward to lessons each week. Our end of year performance blew everyone away, parents and community members couldn’t believe how far the students had come.

– Tracey

Please accept my thanks and congratulations on the work that you have done with our students this year. Their performance at our Presentation Day last Friday was a credit to both them and you. It was clearly a highlight of the event and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.
You have worked with such a wide variety of students, some of whom may never have had, or may never again experience, the opportunity to perform for an audience as they did last week.
Whilst I appreciate that your work has, at times, been challenging, on behalf of the entire EMPS school community I thank you very much for your patience, your enthusiasm and your expertise. We look forward to
working with you again next year.

– Kim (Principal)

We were extremely satisfied with the Drum Corp. The students always looked forward to training sessions and loved performing at our Presentation Day in front of our community. Our instructor is extremely engaging and charismatic with the students as well as organised and professional in his execution of the program.

– Sarah

I would like to give you a massive thank you for the drumming program this year. Not only was the performance outstanding and it was amazing to watch but my daughter who has difficulty socially, it brought me to tears to watch her perform as she had the biggest smile which I have not seen for a long time. I think she may have found an outlet for herself and loved every minute of it. (And only dropped her sticks once) 🙂 so I thank you so very much.

– Trace

I had tears in my eyes watching my daughter perform front and centre last night with a big smile on her face. She clearly enjoys drumming, as she carries her sticks around everyday and talks about her classes with Drum Corp. I had no idea it would be so entertaining to watch and listen to, and found it to easily be the best performance of the concert. Thank you so much for providing my daughter with these awesome lessons in which she gains so much enjoyment from. Am hoping you return to Bolwarra School next year so she can continue drumming. For a girl who has had such a horrible few years, you have brought that smiley, gorgeous girl back to me and I can’t thank you enough for that.

– Janine

Thank you for another wonderful year, my son is so fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of it, definitely a confidence-builder for him and this year’s performance ROCKED

– Bronwen